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Hours of Business: Sunday Noon - 5pm; Tue -Sat 10am-8pm

Summer buying hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 1pm


Please call ahead if you aren't sure we are buying! We are not buying the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and for special events such as bag sales.

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Operating and Buying Hours

Location and Contact Info

Operating and Buying Hours

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Sell or Trade Your Clothes to Stop

the Sale and Trade of Human Lives

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Seven Status exists to combat and end human trafficking. Our goal is to raise awareness and release women and children from trafficked situations locally and globally. We do this by partnering with you to give 20% of our profits every year 
​to a local anti-human trafficking organization.
​Stop by Seven Status to learn more!
"Seven Status exists to raise awareness and release women from what I believe to be
the most disgusting evil in this world today, human sex trafficking. At Seven Status we donate
20% of our profits to rescue, rehabilitate and restore hope to millions of women that are and
have been victims of human sex trafficking."

- Jeremy Bitner, Founder of Seven Status
Sell or Trade Your Clothes to Stop the Sale and Trade of Human Lives 

We will not be open Christmas Day, enjoy your Holiday! 

A Word From the Founder...

​​Location and Contact Info

How it Works:​

Bring in your like new, current style clothing and accessory items. 

Your items will be appraised, typically within 30 minutes.

For items that meet our criteria, we offer cash until we reach our daily limit.

If you have Designer Items, please give us a call in advance to ensure we have an expert buyer available to authenticate your items. If you're hoping for Cash, it is also good to call ahead to ensure we have not reached our daily cash payout limit. We are currently accepting Spring and Summer items for men and women!

5102 North Nevada Ave

Colorado Springs CO 80918