Seven Status - Fashion Creating Change

Why We Exist. Fashion Creating Change

Seven Status; Fashion Creating Change exists to combat, demolish, and obliterate human sex trafficking. We strive to offer a retail fashion experience unlike any other while striving to raise the standard to become the benchmark for all fashion retail stores.

About Our Name:

The number 7 represents perfection and ones status particularly social status is anything but perfect when they are victims of human sex trafficking but that's where we come in, Fashion that can Create Change. Taking ones social Status from 0 to 7... perfection.

The Seven Status Movement

To raise awareness and release women from what I believe to be the most disgusting evil in this world today, human sex trafficking. At Seven Status we donate 20% of our sales to rescue, rehabilitate and restore hope to millions of women that are and have been victims of human sex trafficking.

- Jeremy Bitner, Founder of Seven Status

Sell or Trade. Seven Status Will Buy Or Trade For Your Clothes!

How it works:

  • Bring in up to 75 like new, current style, clothing and accessory items
  • We can typically appraise your items within 30 minutes

For items that meet our criteria we will give you your choice of either:

  • Up to 30% Trade-In Value
  • Up to 20% Cash Value

Designer Items

Please Contact Us prior to coming in to schedule a time with an expert buyer that can authenticate purses and wallets you would like to sell.

Planning to come in and sell or trade your clothes?

Please call us before bringing in your items as we only buy certain days and times during the week.

Brands We Like.

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