Sell Your Clothes and Furniture to Stop
the Trafficking of Human Lives

How it Works:​

We are now offering true consignment of your gently used clothing and furniture!  We will also offer the ability to sell your clothing or furniture to us outright.  Call us for an appointment at 719-593-0900.

Consignment will be for 30 days, with the consigner receiving 50% of the sale price and the store keeping 50%. Every 7 days, the item will be discounted. At the end of the 30 days, you may come and pick up any items that did not sell.

If you wish to sell your clothing or furniture* to us, we will offer 20% of what we plan to price the items at, on the spot. For instance, if we will be pricing an item at $12.77, we will offer you $2.55 for that item.

Call today for your appointment! Leave a message and someone will call you back!

*Furniture items may be purchased with the plan of up cycling the item, so the 20% rule does not apply in those cases. We will not purchase any upholstered furniture.